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All of our techs have been doing repairs for years. We can service any brand, make or model home appliance!

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Appliance repair is all we do. We provide a 5 star customer service and repair experience guaranteed!

About Our Appliance Repair Services:

Placentia Appliance Repair

Whether you have a dryer that leaves you with wet clothes or a sink that spews out week-old food all over the place— Get It Done Repair Center in Placentia is here to help figure it out for you.

We offer quality service to our customers by a simple streamlined process as well as quotes that will save you money on the front and the back end. The few tenets we've built our reputation from include:

• Guaranteed quality

• Fair rates

• Efficient and easy jobs

• Service for all major brands

• We keep our promises especially when it comes to time. We know you're busy

• Our team is highly qualified and experienced

• We're uncompromising - you'll only get the best from us

The Best Appliances in CA We Repair

• Ovens

• Washing machines

• Freezers

• Ice makers

• Refrigerators

• Dishwashers

How We Work

First, we get a comprehensive view of the problem. We try to get you to explain in as much detail as possible what exactly is affecting your machine. A decent amount of the time we can tell what needs to be replaced and can walk you through a repair. If the problem is more severe then we send one of our guys in to do an inspection.

After everything is thoroughly diagnosed he will give you a choice of replacement vs repair as well as some pros and cons. Like we say, we are always transparent and want the decision to ultimately be up to you.

Repair is always the first method that comes to people's mind but sometimes the parts are just too worn to effectively do their job even after repair. Replacement is very easy as we keep a stock of many major pieces on hands at all times for times exactly like these.

Parting Words

As with many things in life, there is plenty of competition no matter where you are and that doesn't change for us here in Placentia. We have cemented our way as the number one repair shop after just a measly 5 years of being in business and have kept it that way for the last decade; we don't plan on changing it anytime soon either.

We have a certain integrity and respect we like to keep for our work and wouldn't want to ever rip someone off or feel as if they were cheated. That's why we remain transparent as possible and keep you in the loop from start to finish. Give us a call sometime soon for any repair questions or concerns you may have.

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